your kindnesscould kill
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How to give

LCVS | United Way have been chosen to collect and distribute money for the "Your kindness can kill" campaign and will be working hard to ensure that all money collected is distributed correctly to the nominated charities and also that information is collected on how the money was spent. Donations can be made via our website and collections in the city centre.

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Why your kindness could kill

Liverpool people are being warned that misplaced generosity could be condemning beggars to an early death. A hard-hitting campaign "your kindness could kill” is being launched to advise people not to give money to people begging on the city’s streets. Instead people are being encouraged to donate to local charities which can provide lasting support.

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Where does the money go?

Every penny of the money raised will go to charities who can bring real and lasting support to people. The funds will be distributed by LCVS | United Way to local charities; The Whitechapel Centre, The Basement Advisory Centre, Young People’s Advisory Service (YPAS) and Liverpool Homeless Football Club, with checks on how the money is spent.

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